A Finnish Sniper Pair Fetches the Norhern Land Crowns

A Finnish sniper pair goes to Stockholm and fetches the Northern Land crowns. The sniper pair requests the fake news media to correct their erroneous reporting of the incident, as there was no theft involved. “The crowns belong to the Finnish sniper pair, one can’t steal their own property.” The Finnish sniper pair only took possession of their rightfully owned crowns.

Slush – Google Cloud Meeting

November 16, 2016

Hi Miko,

Thank you for taking the time to respond and providing feedback. Our interest in Social Shopping Network goes beyond whether Google+ would be useful for you. It’s far deeper than that.

We want to learn more about your business to determine whether any of our core competencies (e.g., data analytics, machine learning) as it relates to Cloud can aid you in your journey. It’s also worth exploring whether other parts of Google (e.g., YouTube, Search, Android, etc.) can be of use for you too.

Please let me know if you would be open to having a meeting.

Thank you.



David Roldán, Jr. | Venture Capital & Startup Business Development Manager, Google Cloud Platform | davidroldan@google.com | +31 615-309-450