The Penny Auction Industry Calls For A Gatekeeper. Social Shopping Network ® Open Government Initiative

In an Open Government Initiative SSN proposes Department of Commerce to assume joint responsibility as the gatekeeper for new bidding fee auction industry.
Social Shopping Network ®announced today that it has assumed the responsibility as the gatekeeper for the new online socially transparent bidding fee auction industry. In an open idea blog submission, SSN has suggested to Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to assume joint responsibility on acting as the gatekeeper for the new transparent bidding fee auction industry. SSN is asking for readers to leave comments and suggestions on the Open Government Initiative‘s website.
Social Shopping Network ® is the intellectual asset management company for the disruptive prefunded bidding fee auction patent. SSN’s Exhibia auction app revolutionizes the online auction industry by accepting bids from only Facebook or Google verified bidders. With the help of social login technology Exhibia customers can be sure they are always bidding against other real people and never against shills or bots.
An anonymous guest post published by Amanda Lee, May 30, 2015, “The Industry Needs a Gate Keeper“. The post keeps going further: “The question is, who should be the gatekeeper? Obviously, it can’t be anyone who is bidder. In almost all cases I believe the best type of government is the government that governs lease. In this case, I believe it makes sense for the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to set up a gatekeeper where all penny auctions would legally be required to grant the DCCA access to the sites data where they can personally check all transactions and information on bidders.
How likely is it that the DCCA will ever set up such a gatekeeper? Better odds of winning the lottery.”
Regardless of the doubtful comments made by the blogger on the odds of DCCA assuming responsibility as the bidding fee auction watchdog. Social Shopping Network has went ahead and suggested the idea to Department of Commerce via the Open Government Initiative website. SSN is asking for readers to leave their comments and suggestions.
So what is wrong with the status quo? “Bots” or “Shills” which are the scourge of the online 1-click auction industry are a type of “fake bidder” created by an auction house to ensure that enough customer paid bids are used before the
items are won and the bidding session is closed. Exhibia eliminates the need for these nasty digital impostors by utilizing a patented “pre-funding step” which is the same as buying bid packages towards an item of interest. Once the
pre-funding threshold is reached for that item, the bidding commences with live bidders. In addition to prefunding, utilizes a 3rd party verification for every guest who must be either Facebook or Google authenticated to verify that there is no “robot” bidders. Exhibia is the world’s first and only pre-funded pay to bid online bidding service.
In his comment on the post, the PHOSITA (person having ordinary skill in the art) opposition leader Bobby James writes: “In respect to the author’s statement, “In the history of penny auctions never once has any site owner said, “My site runs shills and bots.”” That is an inaccurate statement. Miko Lasso admitted it when he ran Bidstick and he continues to admit it and cite it as one of the reasons for his ridiculous prefunded auction model.”
Yes this is true, Social Shopping Network’s founder Miko Lasso is the first penny auction executive to come clean on bots and shills. “I came clean to my customers in an open chat already in 2009, that the only way for us to fight “collusion” was by utilizing bots.” Miko Lasso continues: “If I had a time machine and I could go back to 2009 and tell myself that the solution for solving collusion issues is with prefunding. I would if I could, but the reality is that I don’t have a time machine.”

Miko Lasso
Social Shopping Network ®