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Exhibia is revolutionizing the online auction industry by verifying every bidder through Facebook or Google, ensuring honest, friendly, social shopping competition. Our patented process assures that Exhibia customers always bid against real people, never against shills or bots.

Outbid by a Bot

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Online auction sites are chock full of great deals on great products.
But getting those deals is an exercise in frustration. Why?
~ FTC website
Bots are a way to ensure that the price keeps going up, that the site keeps making money, and that you and other well-meaning consumers are simply throwing your money away.
Collusion is another huge problem for auction sites. Collusion happens when users make deals arranged outside of the bidding site. So, two users could contact each other on Facebook and make an arrangement to bid on certain items, giving them a competitive advantage. They win, you lose.

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Bots and collusion are huge problems for honest consumers who simply want to find a great deal in a friendly, social shopping environment.
Essentially, the deck is stacked against you.

Exhibia is different. Exhibia uses Facebook and Google to verify its users, so bots aren’t a problem.
Our goal: to create and maintain a real-time social bidding platform for people who want to shop and enjoy friendly, honest competition.  
Emerge Americas had this to say about Exhibia:

Exhibia ensures honest, friendly competition through a two-phase system of checks and balances:
Phase One
Exhibia users sign in through Facebook or Google to ensure that they’re real, live people.
Sellers never take a loss: each item is always funded by at least two actual, interested people, guaranteeing competition through our unique software.

Phase Two
Exhibia users buy packages, then use those packages to bid on items.
Since everyone pays for their bids, bots are again excluded (robots don’t pay for bids), adding a second layer of protection against bots and shills.
Our patented system means everyone on our network is a real, honest-to-goodness person.
The Funding Phase
Exhibia utilizes a funding phase, followed by a bidding phase, and users obtain bids by funding items with the following packages:

By adding a revolutionary and patent-pending pre-funding component to an existing and broken pay-to-bid method, Exhibia adds unprecedented transparency to an industry mired in questionable practices.
In addition, we plan to donate 10 percent of our profits to PetSmart and other animal charities.
We’re in this for good.

We’re proud to say our beta launch and customer validation development is complete, and Exhibia has recently passed $10,000 in bids sold.
Other notable accomplishments:
Patent-pending process and technology
$20,000 grant from Finnish government
Interest shown from Google, Facebook, Nasdaq, Best Buy, 7-11
Tech.co Startup of the Year semi-finalist

Selected as a startup showcase company for eMerge Americas

Meet the Exhibia Team

Miko Lasso, CEO: Mike has more than ten years of internet research and technology experience, and spearheaded the successful launch of a multi-million dollar company.

Alex Vakhitov, Developer: Alex’s expertise lies in media planning, affiliate marketing, marketing strategies, strategic partnership development, and customer retention.

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